Ban animal testing worldwide!

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Animal testing is wrong and unnecessary. Humans have found other, more efficient ways of testing whether a product is safe or not, so why should we torture animals even though we know it doesn’t give accurate information, and there are newer, better ways of testing things?

Imagine you had a pet at home that you loved. And then imagine if that pet was taken away from you, to have there skin or fur ripped off and the eyes and mouths forced open so humans could shove chemicals down their throats, into their eyes, and on their skin over and over until they die. This is some animal’s reality. It is unfair and cruel.

Animals are not ours. They don’t belong to us - we can’t do whatever we like to them. Every animal deserves a good quality of life.

There are much more humane practices that scientists can use to test a product’s safety. For example, scientists can grow artificial skin in a lab - that is more accurate, efficient, and causes zero damage. It may not be perfect, but it is far better than pointless and brutal torture. 

Please don’t let these animals suffer anymore.

Please help me stop animal testing and end their torture.