New social and media laws urgently needed to protect vulnerable people in the public eye

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How many more people need to die before we realise that our media and social media systems contain poison within them?  

Poison that leaches onto people that, when they are vulnerable, has literally led to their death, often at their own hand.  

It is heartbreaking.

I am a suicide survivor (of ten years) so this is very close to my own heart.  I am grateful for each day since I decided to live.  

I was not in the public eye, with the intense and unfair media scrutiny and unmitigated opportunity to troll that surrounds a lot of people at present. 

If I was, I may not have been around to write this to you now.

Please, please, join with me. 

Let's ask our Government to urgently hold another inquiry into assessing the threat to mental health of those targeted via:

1. Provocative, slanderous, damaging pieces of journalism, however they are transmitted - in print, online, via apps and adverts.  

I am all for free speech, and expressing opinions.  And for responsible, conscious journalism.  After all, that is what informs us and changes the world for the better.  But we can all agree that, at times, the pendulum swings far, far too far the other way.

2. Trolling, cyberbullying, online comment forums, social media outlets - particularly when this is persistent

The technology must exist to clamp down on this.  Surely the social media companies are cleverer and have more resources at their disposal than the trolls and other instigators of hate. And if it doesn't, why not?

If the media and social media companies themselves have not been able to establish an effective system of checks and balances to ensure that manslaughter via media does not occur, then I believe with all my heart that our Government has a duty of care and moral responsibility to legislate to protect vulnerable people in the public eye.

There was an inquiry in 2017, and yes I have some more reading and research to do on what laws actually exist (if you are in the law reading this and can enlighten me, please do) - but recent events show so clearly that whatever is in place is obviously not working.

The laws are not good enough.  They need to be more relevant and more current, and more person centred.

I cannot stand by and watch talented, loved, people harm themselves or end their own lives with the added burden of this hugely unfair and undeserved extrinsic pressure.

We need to act now.

Please sign this petition and share it with your loved ones.

Even if one person's life is saved by this campaign, we will have won.