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Deport or Imprison Potential Islamic Radicals Currently On The Terror Watchlist

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We the British People call upon the UK Government to put the welfare of the citizens of the UK before the welfare of known terrorists and terrorist sympathisers.

There are currently 3000+ individuals with links to terrorism walking the streets of the UK costing the taxpayer in excess of £6 billion per year.

This is not a good use of the taxpayer’s money, especially as the current monitoring system isn’t working. The damning failures of the current system have been proven over the past few months where many people have died at the hands of terrorists who have been known to our security services.

Reactive policing isn’t and never will be a good way to keep UK citizens safe. We cannot tolerate our families being targeted by known terrorists any longer. As citizens of this great nation, we must be able to feel safe walking around our own cities.

The stance of the British people is simple, we demand those people currently on the terror watch list are deported if not born in the UK, or imprisoned in specialist prisons away from other prisoners if they are UK born citizens.

Any UK citizen who goes to fight against British troops in any other country has committed an act of treason, we demand that their British passports are taken away from them and that they are refused entry back into the UK.

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