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Ban Foxhunting in the United kingdom

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It is ethically abhorrent and although a part of British history, it should remain so. New times call for new approaches. senseless bloodshed for sport is inhumane and does not represent the ethos and general moral substance that the British people have earned. We are a peaceful, animal loving nation with conservation at its heart. A ban on fox hunting would put an end to the senseless violence and help us to repair our global image. supporting this petition will allow more voices to be heard on this matter and sustain our much beloved British countryside. The descion should be made by the public who work tirelessly to save the lives of animals and protect them from poaching and traps. Internationally we hear of horrific stories of Rhinos being hunted for their horns, or Sharks for their fins. The media surrounding these unforgivable acts of animal cruelty shows a great amount of support to end the unnecessary bloodshed. Make our country the leader in animal welfare, restore our natural habitat and sustain our eco system by saving our foxes from blood sports.

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