(RELEASE MY MOTHER) Lillian Jacobson 2014

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Well I've been going through a lot of things and I would like you help on this. My name is Lillian Jacobson preferred to be called Lily. I'm aged 12 years old and in Year 7
Right now my mother, Genevieve Adetoro is in Yarlswood Detention Centre in Bedford ,since August 2013. She's an Nigeria citizen. Its been hard  I don't know what to do without her most of the things I used to do with her I can't ,I miss her so much. She's in a wheelchair unable to walk and she's ill.
Ever since all of this I couldn't help but self harm because I was so upset by mum not being home and my dad being really ill. I've read in law that the best interest of the children should be considered but right now no one seems to care about my welfare/interest
My dad  has been Ill since 2012 and he's unable to eat solid foods. It upsets me because I can't go to restaurants with him because there are foods he can't eat. It really upsets me when I have to see him put his hand down his throat to bring up food that won't just go down.

I am under medications and am diagnosed with PTSD and depression but i recently have a CAHMS doctor. My dad has a dis-mobility of the oesophagus he's had 4  surgery's and he'll be expected to have another 5th surgery . Most of all I really want my mum back I want my family to be together again,  I don't want to be without my family I don't want to be an orphan for the nightmares I have is always about my parents dying. I want to hope for the best with both of my parents. Please can you help me I want my mum back. I'm in constant pain everyday, I'm living a nightmare, this punishment is too great for me I don't know how to be strong any more. When will this nightmare go away? Why is no one listening to me? My heart is breaking for my mother. Somebody help me bring her back to me.

Please help.
Lillian Jacobson

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