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Stop the Deportation of a hard working family and business owners.

The family owns a successful business  and contributes to America in different ways. Mr. Luis and Mrs. Lucy have live in Florida for more than 11 years and are granparents of two US Citizens babys.They are the owners of two restaurants, go to church every week and have pay thousands of dollars in taxes. 

This is a perfect example of the America Dream, but without papers. They have try for many years to fix their immigration status. They came to America legally with a visa. The family visa expires and now they face deportation to Colombia.

After spending over $30,000 on lawyers and paperwork fees, they are ask for your help and support.

Mr. Luis and Mrs. Lucy Gutierrez arrived in the U.S. on July 2000. They came escaping kidnapping, drugs, and an internal war from their homeland Colombia. They came searching for a better life and prosperity. Their documents I-94 expired on January 2001; they tried renewing it but were robbed by their lawyer. They petitioned for an asylum on July 2001. They assisted to an appointment for asylum on December of the same year. On September 2002, they were scheduled for a hearing in front of an immigration judge, where their application for asylum was denied. On December 2003, they scheduled a hearing in front of the Board of Immigration Appeals and in front of the Court of Appeals on July 2004. In both courts, they were denied asylum. After all that process, neither they nor their lawyer, were ever notified through any form of communication about where their case stood. In 2005, with the help of their children they became owners of a restaurant in Indiantown, FL.

Their daughter Adriana, a U.S. citizen, applied for an I-130 relative petition on their behalf, which months later was approved. Immigration, through the application I-130, found out that Mr. Luis and Mrs. Lucy were still in the U.S. and that they had an order of deportation. Through this petition, Mr. Luis and Mrs. Lucy were also informed of their order of deportation. They asked immigration to reopen their case. They also hired a new and more capable lawyer to help them with their case, but in the end, they were denied once again. As a result, they were arrested by ICE officials at dawn, February 2011. They were released that same day and put into supervision until their case could be looked into further. Their defense lawyer submitted SUA SPONTE documents for another opportunity to face a judge in July 2011. Ultimately, in August 2011, it was denied by an immigration district attorney who also recommended that the immigration judge also deny their case.

“We have never had any criminal violations. I have only had one ticket for a small traffic violation in 2003.” Mr. Luis has said.

They are examples of hard work and success. We are asking to the department of Justices its board of immigration appeals to re-open their case before an Immigration Judge.

The family poses many factors of the DHS/ICE Morton Memo on prosecutorial discretion. They have NO criminal history and are clearly not a safety threat to the United States. They have deep ties to the community and contribute in meaningful ways. 

Take a moment to make a call.

 Secretary of DHS. Janet Napolitano # (703-235-0854)

 Director of ICE. John Morton # (202-732-3000)

 Internal Affairs. Nicole Nava’s # (786-387-8230)

Say: "I am calling to ask you to let this family business owner’s deportation be stopped, and that they be granted discretion under the Jhon Morton Memo. Their A number is Mr. Luis. # 079-512-283. Mrs. Lucy A# 079-512-285. Thank you."


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