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Fair Trial for Bulos Zumot

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Paul was arrested in Palo Alto on October 19th 2009 and convicted of the murder of his girlfriend Jennifer Marie Schipsi and setting his house on fire. Paul did not commit these two crimes. Paul did not get a fair trial since the assistant DA Charles Gillingham, and judge Cena of Santa Clara County denied crucial evidence to enter. The evidence they denied includes but not all of the following: - Jennifer's own declaration that she filed 2 weeks prior to her murder that she was afraid for her life and Paul's life from two brothers who threatened to either kill Paul or set him up to be locked up for life. - Jennifer's two letters to the court retracting earlier accusations that Paul had harassed her, and said that a neighbor is the one who did that, and the neighbor is the one who assaulted her and she filed a restraining order against that neighbor. - Jennifer's psychiatric records. Judge Cena denied that jurors look at those records but said that there is no where in the record that Jennifer was afraid of Paul contrary to what the DA claimed. - The interrogation tape where Paul was more than cooperative with the police, and where Paul is seen breaking down when told of Jennifer's death. Judge Cena denied that the jury should look at that tape. The tape also shows that Paul agreed to be searched in person and property without any objection and did not ask for a lawyer and answered all the questions. - Judge Cena denied Paul mentioning that he was offered to flee the country after the interrogation saying that he is innocent and has nothing to worry about. In addition to the above, Palo Alto Police Department had accused Paul of threatening Jennifer's life knowing that the threat was faked by Jennifer, and was concocted by her and her best friend Roy Endeman. Phone records show that contrary to the police report, no phone call from Paul was made to Jennifer. Also, the tape PAPD obtained of a conversation between Jennifer and Paul corroborating Paul's claim that he never called or threatened Jennifer had been destroyed by the officer who taped that call. The DA hid the actual timing of Paul entering his shop so that he can secure a conviction, while the evidence with him shows that Paul could never had set the fire since he was at his shop. Judge Cena allowed witnesses to take the stand and witness to a hearsay that eventually got Paul convicted without allowing the defense to counter those claims by showing the state of mind of the victim when she made those claims, and to show that she had a history of lying, and a history of making false accusations of boyfriends and men she encountered. He based his ruling on evidence code 1390. Paul got convicted of murder and arson without one shred of evidence. Paul's clothes were clear of gasoline. Paul did not have one scratch on him. Police could not link the gasoline can that was used to set the fire to Paul in no way shape or form. The owner of the cottage where Paul and Jennifer lived had purchased an additional fire insurance exclusive to the cottage just two weeks prior to the murder and arson. He denied having a can of gas and later on the stand admitted to having one in his shed. No one other than Paul was investigated by PAPD. They built the case around Paul rather than look at all other suspects. To read more on Paul's story go to

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