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Never Charge Independent Photographers to Photograph Our National Wildlife

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The U.S. Forest Service is working to finalize a new set of rules in November. These policies would require journalists to apply for a $1500 permit to photograph the 36 million acres of designated wilderness area administered by the USFS. These new rules would also make it illegal for independent photographers to take photos or shoot video (even with a camera phone!) and would result in a fine of $1000 per shot. This includes family vacation pictures! 

Imagine driving hundreds of miles to take your family on a nice family vacation away from city life. You snap a couple of pictures of your daughter with a beautiful mountain scene behind her, and you’re reminded of how important it is that she get to experience the true beauty of nature. You’re so happy that you get to capture this moment and can’t wait to share it with loved ones back home. A few days later, you upload a few photos on Facebook and BAM! You’re hit with $3000 fine for sharing something that should be free to us all.

What’s worse is that the U.S.F.S.’s Acting Wilderness Director, Liz Close, has yet to cite any real-life examples to justify why this policy is needed or what problems it would be addressing.

The passing of these new laws would be unconstitutional. American citizens enjoy the right of the First amendment, with the right to take photographs in a public place. We have a right to this land, and we have the right to share the beauty of this land with the rest of the world.

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