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Don't destroy your Seized Ivory

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The U.S. FWS has a massive stockpile of ivory - over 6 tons - and plans to destroy every bit of it by crushing it all.

The poaching of elephants is a tragic loss and a terrible thing to do, however destroying the last remnants of these elephants would be a gigantic waste.  There is nothing the poachers can do with this, or any way they can make money on it now.  Making any commodity rarer drivers prices higher- eventually killing more elephants.  Simple economics of supply and demand need to be considered. By destroying all of this, there will be less of it out there, and the demand will go up - whether it was going to hit the market or not.  Destruction of the ivory makes the deaths of the elephants even more pointless and unnecessary.  There are much more effective methods to stopping the ivory poaching. 

The massive destruction of ivory will happen at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Commerce City, Colorado.  They are doing it this week.  They say that since the 1980s they have collected far more ivory than they need to fulfill their purposes of educating the public and training law enforcement officials. 

Ivory is a beautiful substance.  How it is obtained is very shameful, however after being harvested, there is no reason to destroy it all.  Nothing plays or slides like Ivory on a piano.  I propose they use this ivory for a few things - key top replacements, or donate / sell a majority of it to companies that produce pianos - such as Yamaha, Beldwin, Mason and Hamlin, etc.  Another great use would put it on display at a national museum (such as the Smithsonian) and sell tickets to see it seperately from the admission price, then use the proceeds to go towards stopping ivory poaching.


I hope the decision can be reversed, and fast, because it happens this week.  Thank you for your support.

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