Don’t List Calories on Menus

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The government plans to make visible calorie numbers on menus compulsory in their bid to ban obesity. 

I do not need to tell you how damaging, impairing and devastating this would be for the majority of women, young people and men. The suggested calorie intake on popular diets including Slimming World and WeightWatchers borders the levels medically classified as semi starvation (reducing intake levels by 50%). In other words, diet programs are preaching starvation to their followers, made submissive by bombardment from advertising that tells them they are not good enough.

And the government has agreed to help.


They are quick to announce figures about childhood obesity, but what they are slower to point out is that 90% of girls over the age of 17 have been on a restrictive diet. Therefore, rather than blaming obesity on people themselves, maybe the new legislation could actually investigate what is preventing healthier lifestyles?

Perhaps a minority of children are obese, but what is that compared to the 85% of women who believe they are too fat, when in reality only 30% are?

My government tells me that more attention needs to fall on my diet, but why does it not tell me that 1 in 8 girls in a secondary school class qualifies for eating disorder treatment?

Eating disorders are on the rise at a terrifying rate, and nobody is struck harder by this than young people. The rates of developing an eating disorder get higher as age goes down, up until the age of 8. While an 8 year old child sits, unsure if they deserve to exist in their body which the world tells them is wrong, disgusting, dangerous, our government tells us we need to begin a “War on Fat”.

Despite my - differences - with him, my Prime Minister’s reference to healthy living as “war” is viscerally accurate. Those 3 girls in every secondary school classroom I mentioned before? For them, food is a war. It is a battle to force a single bite down their mouths, into a body even the “professionals” tell them is just too wrong. 

Let’s see whether it solves our “obesity problem” when our population begins to disappear.

Calorie by calorie, kilo by kilo, disappearing. Our people.

I am not against the campaigns for a healthier population. The majority of people do not know that evidence linking obesity to heart problems and decreased life expectancy is entirely linked to men. In reality, being overweight has little to no effect on women’s health. What does affect health is what you eat, not how much. So why is the government not addressing the high prices of healthier food, instead of encouraging starvation.

Please do not allow this. Please help me. Please help every girl, boy, woman and man who is already engaged in this war.

Live healthily, not restrictively.