Give “The Kunghur Community Hall”, Back To The Community.

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The Kunghur Community Hall was created 103 years ago by the local community, for the whole community, as a meeting place and resource.

Currently the hall is solely occupied by a privately run Pre-School operating three days per week during school term.

We the undersigned hereby respectfully request the Tweed Shire Council to:

1. Recognise the history and intent for which the Kunghur Community Hall was built.

2. Reinstate the hall as a shared community space and help develop community resources in this remote western corner of the Tweed Shire.

3. Allow a new Kunghur Community Hall Committee to form, with the purpose of managing the hall, as other halls are similarly managed within the Tweed Shire.

4. Give back control of building maintenance to the Kunghur Community Hall Committee and help release frozen funds, that can be used for this purpose.

5. Allow the Kunghur Community Hall Committee and the Kunghur Pre School to work collaboratively to manage the hall. This could include systems and rules for the efficient moving of pre school equipment, so that the burden in sharing the space is reduced.

This petition was created by a group of local residents living in Kunghur in Northern NSW, who formed the Kunghur Community Hall Action Group.

This petition is part of a Submission for the Tweed Shire Council under their review process, in regard to the uses of the local halls within the Tweed Shire. It forms part of the Tweed Shire Councils requirements for public consultation.

Our wish is to reinstate our community hall and promote community spirit and connection by using our hall as a meeting place for a variety of events.