Make Ruin Johnson STOP Mocking Fans at Karaoke!

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how can ruin johnson keeP doing tis to teh fAns? fuRst he makes bad mOovie. then he mocks us real fans on twitter. now he makes fun of the fanDum menace again!!!!!1!!! he is did sing karaoke onlY? no! he singed about star warS!!!1!!! he wAs blatanTly makIng fun of the Real fans. bEcuz of us, he gets paycheck. we made his movie not flop. how does disney and ruin JohnsOn repay real fanz? he sings a star wars song at Karaoke! thE nerve! Itz wrong! we need to younite to stop this. stand up for our rights as true fans. united disney will have to listen to us. we demand that ruin johnson not be allowed to sing star wars songs or make movies.