Save the Market Street Forest

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The Market Street forest is in danger of being removed to be replaced by apartments and houses.

This space is directly connected to indigenous heritage land but the town is ignoring it's significance.  

Although an archaeological assessment was done, it was only a stage 2 assessment which "consists of a pedestrian survey of ploughed fields and shovel testing of grassed or wooded areas".  This level of assessment is unlikely to have uncovered embedded artifacts in the area being proposed for development.  We must push for further archaeological assessment (stage 3)!

This is a beautiful,  historic space enjoyed by many as a place to appreciate nature during every season.  

If it is torn down it will not only displace and wash out a piece of local indigenous history, but it will also displace much wildlife and create the potential for flooding in the area.

The Town of Saugeen Shores official Plan Policy states: "Woodlands having an area of 4 hectares (10 acres) or greater are considered " significant woodlands"; development or site alteration shall not be permitted within these woodlands...."

The Market Street forest was conveniently reported by the town to be 3.93 hectares.

The Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority, however, is of the firm opinion that the woodlands in question are actually larger than 4 hectares and should be considered significant woodlands.

Please sign the petition to protect this land.  It cannot advocate for itself.