Develop a by-law that would prohibit the visible display of symbols like Confederate flag

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Collingwood is one of Ontario’s jewels and, as such, people come from all over the world to visit.  Our community continues to grow and become more diverse, demonstrating all of humanity that makes Canada the beautiful place it is to live.  But Collingwood does not always feel welcoming to visitors, or even to those who call it home. Recently, signs of racism have become evident within our town – derogatory, racist terms written on houses and business signs, symbols that represent a history of hatred and oppression, like swastikas and Confederate flags displayed in our neighbourhoods.  These artifacts are not harmless decorations or meaningless comments.  As an example, the Confederate flag was the original symbol of a fighting unit of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, then used as the symbol for that Army as a whole.  That conflict was fundamentally about the right to maintain slaves in their nation.  Some of those same slaves escaped to Canada to remove themselves from this conflict, this oppression and symbols of that era.  The Confederate flag has continued to represent white supremacy and is used by groups that identify as such today.  This, along with other words and symbols are used around the world to fuel and symbolize anger, intolerance and oppression of others.  They do not represent the town, or nation, that we are meant to be – inclusive, caring and supportive of every member.  No member of our community should feel afraid to walk down our streets because of the presence of a symbol of hatred. To make this possible, I am asking the Town of Collingwood to develop a by-law that would prohibit the publicly visible display of symbols like Confederate flags on both public and private property.  I need your help to make that happen.  Please sign this petition to show your support for this by-law and that you stand with all members of our community, not the symbols of racism and oppression.