Petitioning Planning, Zoning, Development Jeff Ulma, Director and 2 others

The Town of Cary, NC: Stop the plans to demolish the water tower at Cary High School.


The water tower at Cary High School is an iconic landmark and traditional symbol of successfully completing our high school education, graduating, and moving into adulthood for the thousands of students who have attended the school. Painting the graduating class year on the face of the water tower was a "Rite of Passage"; recognized not only by the students, parents, and school administrators, but by the Town of Cary, the local government body. Removing this icon and symbol of success would be devastating to all who have looked for this landmark when returning home; to all who have lived or currently live in the Town of Cary; and, all the students waiting for the day when they will see their graduating class year take its rightful place on the Water Tower.

Letter to
Planning, Zoning, Development Jeff Ulma, Director
Town Manager Ben Shivar
Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Cary, NC Gail Adcock
As representatives of the citizens of Cary, N.C., I am contacting you to seek your support and assistance in stopping the destruction and removal of the water tower across from Cary High School. That particular water tower is an important land mark to all who have lived in Cary and graduated from Cary High School. It is a connection for all who come back to Cary. It is a symbol of our success and our bond with the school, our friends, family, and hometown.

The signers of this petition ask that you stop the plan to destroy this water tower. We want our traditions to continue for all who have participated in the past and for all who will participate in the future.

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