The Torch is Still Lit: Release of Blaque’s 3rd Album Torch

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The title "Torch" is in tribute to Left Eye. They felt like Lisa passed her Torch onto them.  With TLC having their own, Left Eye, lives on in TLC, but Lisa Lopes, lives on in Blaque.

The highly anticipated LP 'Torch' was originally scheduled for release around 2003, which contained a newer sound which was mainly produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Missy Elliott. Blaque definitely kept fans on their toes for the release of this album. After releasing singles like "I’m Good" (that made the soundtrack for the hit movie 'Honey'), and "Ugly" featuring Missy Elliott, the album was shelved. Before her passing, Blaque's member Natina stated in an interview with YouKnowIGotSoul “The 'Torch' album wasn’t necessarily us. I do prefer 'Blaque Out!' better because the chemistry was at its peak”. One of Blaque's surviving members, Brandi, said the samething in a previous interview with YouKnowIGotSoul, backing that 'Torch' "wasn't Blaque enough". Though is a factor, the fans still want to hear it, being sold based off of the snippets alone. The remaining members of Blaque, Shamari and Brandi, stated “We are so blessed that the fact that fans want to still hear this album to this day!” Natina said that Blaque owns the masters to 'Torch', and don't really need to go through people to get it released. After all this time, and four albums later (with only 2 albums out, only 1 officially released), the Blaque Navy is still dying to hear the hard work that Blaque put into this record. Blaque stated back in 2016, and again in 2017, on Twitter that they plan on releasing the album now when they announced they're working again, and we thought it would be lovely to create this petition to really show the girls how high the anticipation still is to this day by having everyone just sign this petition. ❤       -NOTE THAT THE ONLY “TORCH” LEAK THAT WAS MADE WAS THE ALBUM SAMPLER WITH ONLY 40 SECOND SNIPPETS OF THE SONGS. OTHER THEN THAT IT IS STILL UNRELEASED!-

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