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Inclusive air travel for people with disability

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Why can't people in wheelchairs travel with the same dignity as everyone else?

My name is Bella Tipping; I am 13 years and I want to put the challenge to the major airlines to see who will consider becoming the worlds first inclusive airline.

As fleets are upgraded, please be the first in the world to modify them to allow people with significant physical need to be able to travel in their own wheelchairs. This is an option for people travelling in other forms of public transport and allows them to have their personally modified chairs secured in place for the duration of their trip.

My Uncle Denzil had an accident and is now a quadriplegic. When he travels by plane he has to be lifted into a standard seat and harnessed in place. This puts him at risk of developing pressure sores from sitting on a cushion not designed for him and it even puts him at risk of further injury. It also means the airport staff risk injury themselves by trying to manoeuvre him into a seat not designed for his needs. But apart from all of that, for a man who has lost so much, it’s just humiliating and he is not alone.

It would empower so many people if your new planes were equipped with spaces which allow modified chairs to be locked into place or if you do not want to lose the sale of a seat in case it isn't needed, can you design a seat which can be removed to allow motorized wheelchairs to be locked in when needed? I have been told that seats cannot be removed in a plane but that isn't correct- if they can go in, then surely they can go out.

People are quick to tell me why it can't be done but in this world where nothing is impossible, why is something so necessary so instantly impossible? Accidents happen and people get hurt and it could happen to anyone at any time; why can't we do our very best to allow people with disability to be as included in life as everyone else?

We live in an amazing world where nothing is impossible, but we continue to fail the people who are most vulnerable. 

I hope one of these major airlines consider how important inclusion is for everyone and make a commitment to become the worlds first inclusive airline so air travel can be a safe and enjoyable option for everyone.


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