Request a TEA investigation into the hiring practices of VISD

Request a TEA investigation into the hiring practices of VISD

July 15, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jaycob Garcia

On June 30th, 2022, the VISD Board of Trustees unanimously
voted to approve the appointment of former Wichita Falls
ISD Superintendent Mike Kuhrt to the position of Deputy
Superintendent of VISD based on the recommendation of
VISD Superintendent, Quintin Shepherd.

According to a July 12, Victoria Advocate Article, Mr. Shepherd and the interview committee were made aware of the criticisms and controversies surrounding Mr. Kuhrt's tenure in WFISD but said he may have failed to disclose the, "bigger, broader picture" to the Board of Trustees. School Board President Mike Mercer told the Victoria Advocate that the June 30th meeting - where the board voted unanimously to approve Mr. Kuhrt's hire  as VISD's Deputy Superintendent - was the first time the Board had been informed of the plan to hire Mr. Kuhrt. 

As WFISD Superindent, Mr. Kuhrt:

  • Vastly increased WFISD’s budget deficit.
  • Proposed a plan to cut vital staff positions,
    saving approximately $200k-300k annually,
    while reportedly receiving approximately
    $110,000 in additional payments following his
  • Oversaw multiple campuses that received a
    failing grade from the State of Texas for their
    academic performance.
  • Failed to provide instructors with updated
    STAAR curriculum, despite below-average
    ratings & poor academic performance.
    Faced accusations from WFISD School Board
    President, Mike Rucker, of hiding the
    financial state of WFISD from board members
    and omitting expenses from the districts

Mr. Shepherds’ failure to disclose the above issues with
VISD’s Board of Trustees - as well as the Board's failure to
perform their due diligence - not only shows a disregard for
the hard-working taxpayer but also casts serious doubts on
the hiring process VISD has in place.

Sign our petition to DEMAND an investigation by the Texas
Education Agency (TEA) into the hiring process of VISD.

It's time our public officials are held accountable.

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Signatures: 256Next Goal: 500
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