Help our friend and her family to stay in Sweden!!

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We are students from Karolinska gymnasiumet in Örebro Sweden and our classmate along with her family, have been informed that they are forced to leave the country. This is despite her spending 5/6 years of her life in Sweden.

She has about 5 Days ( 2020-10-11 ) before she needs to exit the country and go back to Egypt, a foreign country that she's only lived in for a short period (her mom is born in Egypt and that is the reason as to why she is being sent there). She was born in Syria and she emigrated from Syria to Egypt and then to Sweden. She was 10-11 years old when she arrived in Sweden.

Her dad is dead and is buried here in Sweden and she is only 15 soon to be 16 she has just started gymnasiet (Swedish version of US 10th grade (sophomore))

So if you could help us, her and her family please sign this petition, so she and her family can stay were they belong. Help Shamiram Hardo to stay in Sweden.