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Make it clear that it is illegal to avoid enforcing child employment law

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 100,000s of children, many of them younger than 13 in the UK, are being exploited in commercial research and marketing (see , ). This is despite the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 prohibiting those younger than 13 being used to assist in for-profit work such as that described above & The Employment of Women, Young Persons, and Children Act 1920 prohibiting children younger than 14 working in industrial undertakings with people other than their family. However, problems with enforcing these laws have resulted in a blind eye being turned to the above employment. Resulting in the problems of many of the above children having no workers’ rights, not being covered by employers' liability (compulsory) insurance, being deprived of pay & ending up doing for-profit clinical testing or online work that is unsafe for them. In light of this, I think it needs to be made clear that it is illegal to avoid enforcing child employment law because I think this will help prevent the above problems. Consequently, please sign the petition because if we cannot rely on our legal system to protect the children in our community, we cannot rely on it to protect any of us! Furthermore, this will also help to give those who have been harmed by the exploitation a chance of being compensated for it.

In many cases, adults who do the sort of work described above are classed as employed workers, and so by refusing to even class the children who do this work as being employed, child employment officers, the DfE and in many cases those who use the children in this way are also breaching the Equalities Act 2010 because this is age discrimination that the Act prohibits. 

In addition to the above, Section 1 (Slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015  ( says the following:

The consent of a person (whether an adult or a child) to any of the acts alleged to constitute holding the person in slavery or servitude, or requiring the person to perform forced or compulsory labour, does not preclude a determination that the person is being held in slavery or servitude, or required to perform forced or compulsory labour.

And Section 3 (Meaning of exploitation) of this Act states the following:

(1) For the purposes of section 2 a person is exploited only if one or more of the following subsections apply in relation to the person.

(5)The person is subjected to force, threats or deception designed to induce him or her—

(a)to provide services of any kind,

(b)to provide another person with benefits of any kind, or

(c)to enable another person to acquire benefits of any kind.

Securing services etc from children and vulnerable persons

(6)Another person uses or attempts to use the person for a purpose within paragraph (a), (b) or (c) of subsection (5), having chosen him or her for that purpose on the grounds that—

(a)he or she is a child, is mentally or physically ill or disabled, or has a family relationship with a particular person, and

(b)an adult, or a person without the illness, disability, or family relationship, would be likely to refuse to be used for that purpose.

Therefore the above failure to properly enforce the 1933 and 1920 Acts mentioned above, has probably caused or contributed to breaches of the above sections of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and therefore it might have caused or contributed to the industrial scale exploitation or enslavement of children in the UK.

In my opinion and those who have signed this petition, the above shows our law with respect to the employment of children needs to be properly enforced or updated so that it will be properly enforced because the current lack of enforcement is harming children in the UK and in doing so undermining the wellbeing of our society. In light of this please sign this petition :-) .

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