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MORATORIUM on: Privatization and Globalization by OUR Final Decision Making Authority.

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The Canadian Citizens MORATORIUM on: Privatization and Globalization by OUR Final Decision Making Authority as the official shareholders of the Crown of Canada.

To whom this concerns; nothing in LAW or Governance, supersedes the will of the People. This is fact and why elections are not justiciable through the Courts because it is supposed to be  “The Will of the People” even if Canadians never did get a chance to decide what type of governance they wanted for themselves and their country.

FACT: In 1982, Canadians were placed above the Institutions and the Constitution. However, the texts within our Crown Corporations and Constitution were never changed to replace "the Queen in Right of Canada and the Provinces" to "The People in Right of Canada and the Provinces". This obvious misfeasance needs to be changed immediately to reflect the People in Right of Canada and the People in Right of the Provinces.

The reality is that, the People in a democratic Country such as Canada can change what they want within their governance, when and as many times as they want,  as long as 51% majority agrees in a Province then the 51% majority change can also take place across Canada, whichever comes first.

We the People do not need the Governments or the Court's consent because we hold all the power. We as Citizens only need a legally binding contract to make the changes between ourselves which can be easily eSigned online.

NOTE: This online document is not to be considered as a petition as it has been created into a legally binding agreement/ Convention. This venue is used as a vehicle of choice by the Canadian citizens who sign this official Moratorium document.

Whereas; our governments have elected to have our public corporations to be handled or sold to private companies under the Public and Private Partnerships (3 p's)  and that Corporate International Law is trying to override Canadian laws without our consent, we as Canadian citizens have had to take direct initiatives to safeguard our Country's sovereignty.

Therefore;  this online document is an actual Convention; a legally binding agreement/ contract between the Canadian citizens as a legal Moratorium on the privatization and globalization of Canada's governance and corporate structure management of our assets to be immediately initiated and enforced by the Supreme Court of Canada, the Governor General of Canada and the Lieutenant Governors of the Provinces and Commissioners of the Territories on behalf of the Canadian citizens within each Province and Nation wide.  

This Moratorium shall remain in effect until Canadians have had enough time to become educated and instill our rights as the final decision makers within all of Canada, Provinces and Territories in all levels of governance through establishing Constituency Parliaments in all communities.

Therefore; given our Democratic system of Governance and as Canadian Citizens, we the People are the Crown of Canada.  We are also Provincial and Federal Crown Corporation Shareholders. However, our Proxies to "Final Decision Making Authority" which is Pure Direct Democracy with 51% required consensus has been denied under our De Facto Dictatorship Rule since 1931 and again in 1982 without the rights to real referendums on all issues that affect us directly. This is ending.

Whereas; this document along with the Canadian Citizen's Convention of Consent being presently signed by Canadians  at  or (view it on the website)  are to be considered as two officially binding documents to be fully recognized as the Will of the Canadian Citizens and official Shareholders of the Crown of Canada and all of its assets. 

Let it be clear that we, the Canadian Citizens and official Shareholders of the Crown of Canada, the Crown Corporations of Canada and all of its assets have spoken. We trust that you will abide by the People's WILL.

Respectfully and without prejudice,

The undersigned Canadian Citizens

FYI: Citizens also need to  esign their Citizen's Convention of Consent at

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