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Bring the old SuperSecret back

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The old SuperSecret game was amazing - it had an interesting and fun storyline and a unique level-up system. Sadly, however, the JumpStart company decided to buy the game and turn it into a rip-off of their game.

Instead of the usual level-up-your-character system, SuperSecret made you play games and explore the world to age your character. When you made your account, you'd start off as a 10 year old. Without a membership, you could go up to age 12, and with one you could be 16 or 17 years old. At age 13, you even had a "growth spurt!" This is a very unique idea, and I loved it, as did many people.

The storyline was also quite unique for such a game. There were secret areas to explore, prank-related quests (certainly a favorite for young kids!) and even the characters were interesting and funny. 

However, the creators of the game JumpStart bought SuperSecret. The "new" SuperSecret is just a ripoff of JumpStart! Nearly every mini-game and mechanism is completely copied. The storyline and fascinating characters are all gone, and there are no more pranks or quests to be found. The age point system has been replaced by the style point system, and all you can really do is shop and ride roller-coasters. All of the things drawing people to play the game have been completely changed. 

As a young child, this was one of my favorite games to play, as it was so unique and cool. However now that the best parts of the game have been changed, I don't wish to play any more. I loved the old SuperSecret, and I didn't even mind how unfair the freemium aging system was. It was, to me, one of the best things online. I'm sure others felt the same. 

So, why don't we all pitch in and persuade the SuperSecret team to bring back the game we all knew so well? Even being able to play both versions of the game would be alright. We need to get the game we loved available to play again!

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