Stop the Pumping of Contamination Water Into Sunny Coast Beaches

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Let Council & the State Government Know They Should Stop the Toxic Dump

Sunshine Coast Council announced on the 28th of August 2019 that a pipeline will be built from the Sunshine Coast airport with its outlet 400m offshore from Mudjimba beach, to dispose of airport pond water contaminated with PFAS. This is set to occur mid October 2019 with 8 mega litres of contaminated waste water to be pumped and disposed per day, over a period of 20 days. 

PFAS is a proven carcinogenic, which has caused cluster cancers in populated community areas exposed to the chemical. PFAS is a non-degradable, bioaccumulative chemical, which poses a great threat to our marine environment and human health as it is introduced into our food chain.  The risk to local beach goers, surfers and divers is unknown and the area at risk is also unknown as currents spread the chemical through Sunshine Coast waters.  

It should be noted that Council may have considered & rejected options to dispose of PFAS in a safer but more expensive way. This is a question important to put to the airport & the council.

Time and money seem to be the highest priority for council as they try to meet deadlines for the development of the new runway 

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