Campaign to have Kelvin MacKenzie dismissed by The Sun

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Campaign to have Kelvin MacKenzie dismissed by The Sun

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Today the Hillsborough inquest jury ruled that the 96 Liverpool fans were UNLAWFULLY killed on 15 April 1989 and that Liverpool fans' behaviour DID NOT cause or contribute to the danger on that day.

We want Kelvin MacKenzie, then editor of The Sun and current Sun columnist, dismissed for his role in prolonging the agony of the fans' families and spreading lies about the fans through his newspaper - the effects of which are still felt now.

His continued employment at The Sun is an insult to the fans who died, an insult to the fans he lied about and a source of the deepest despair to the families who have fought for the real truth to be told.

It shows that The Sun is not sorry for the hurt they caused nor does it care that MacKenzie continues to write in less than sympathetic tones about the people he gladly demonised. 

If you know all about Kelvin MacKenzie's role in this then please sign the petition now. If you wish to know more then please read on before making a decision...

What has come to light over the last few years and is now fully out in the open is that South Yorkshire Police were negligent, poorly-trained and ill-equipped to deal with what unfolded. They then proceeded to cover up their countless fatal errors by briefing the press that drunken fans had caused the crush by fighting off police and charging into the ground. 

Kelvin MacKenzie ran with this version of events under the front page headline 'The Truth'. On top of this he published claims that fans had stolen wallets from the dead, urinated on the dead as well as police and ambulance staff, stopped emergency staff from treating the dead and in one instance (from a story given to them by Tory MP Irvine Patnick - who wasn't at the match) sexually abused the body of dead girl after shouting "throw her up and we'll f*ck her" to policemen moving her body.

Other newspapers repeated some of the allegations (as they felt the more obscene ones were too implausible) but only The Sun repeated them all. The other newspapers went on to withdraw the allegations and issue apologies - all that is except Kelvin MacKenzie and The Sun.

Finally in 2012, after several more insults thrown at the people of Liverpool and 23 years after the tragedy, he issued an apology in which he blamed Irvine Patnick MP and the police for misleading him. 

The Sun has also issued a front page apology concerning their coverage of the disaster. While we're no fans of The Sun, it was to their credit that they finally did this. However this was them clearing up the mess left by MacKenzie. A mess for which he should be accountable.

His apology, 23 years late and looking to blame everyone else was inadequate, ineffective and too little too late. The only way he and The Sun can show they're truly sorry for the untold pain they caused the families of the 96 is for MacKenzie's employment with them to come to an end. 

It would be the honourable and correct thing to do. 

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This petition had 6,232 supporters

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