Stop Killing The Stockton Breakwall Cats

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The Port Of Newcastle has cruelly decided to shoot down the cats who have made the Stockton Breakwall their home. They have done this secretly, and in a public area. There is a rescue team trying to help these cats find homes, and the ones who are way too feral are desexed and released, they can't reproduce. 

The cats have called this place their home for many years, and isn't the first act of cruelty the Breakwall cats have endured. This is probably by far the worst and is unethical and uncalled for. It shouldn't be happening. Calling The Port Of Newcastle can also help to put an end to this at: 49 088 200

The RSPCA has also been notified.

A lot of the cats currently on the wall are able to be rehabilitated, and can find loving homes where they can live their life until they are old at, and for the ones who aren't, they know exactly what they are doing and aren't hurting anyone, and if they are captured will be desexed and microchipped. The ones with the tipped ears are the ones who have been desexed and microchipped. They are just trying to live.

Please help us by signing this petition, and or calling the Port Of Newcastle to try and put this cruelty to an end. Any sort of sharing will also help, too.

This is unnecessary, it doesn't need to happen, is incredibly cruel, and it isn't going to help. Make it stop.

All of the images are credited to Chontelle Burns, from the Stockton Breakwall Cat Rescue.