Legalise medicinal cannabis in Jersey, Channel Islands

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This petition is dedicated to getting the states of Jersey to legalise cannabis, at the very least it should be legalised for medical purposes so as not to punish those in need.

If we legalise cannabis the move would have numerous benefits outside of the obvious medicinal ones, a brief yet non exhaustive list follows below...

Increased tourism, who wants long flights, language barriers and worrying over foreign currencies, especially with the weak pound? Come to Jersey, with all the arts and culture you'd expect, beaches to die for and as a leader in the agriculture industry I'd be willing to bet our cannabis would top prestigious cup competitions increasing our exposure to the public. The weak pound also means a lot of Brits are holidaying at home, so called staycations, maximising this opportunity as we are (remember the advert) the warmest place in the British Isles.

Decreased crime rates, the numbers are in from places that have implemented a legalised regulated system around cannabis, this move has eased pressures and workloads on, as well as costs to emergency services, justice, prison and other correctional systems and healthcare facilities. There is also proof that the legalisation effort is helping to curb the opioid/prescription drug epidemic.

Numerous (new) taxable revenue streams and fees would be created, where everyone from grower to end user will have to pay a Standard Cannabis tax SCT (15% grower, 10% retailer and 5% end user) for recreational purposes and a Medical Cannabis Tax MCT when purchasing if prescribed by a health professional, this could perhaps be significantly less than the standard tax charge. All the purchases and charges would then have GST added on at the end of the transactions pushing government profits even further.

Decrease unemployment, new jobs would be created across the industry, everything from growing and lab testing to coffeeshop/dispensary workers and weed friendly businesses, even smoking paraphernalia and cannabis specific tourist items. Job creation should increase even further when the industry expands as expected.

Most importantly the move would take money away from criminal organisations which in turn (as noted earlier) would free up time and money used by emergency services in caring and policing under the current system. Let's not understate this amount as it can be used to help pull us out of debt, be put towards healthcare initiatives and the new hospital, drug awareness and rehabilitation programs and other worthwhile causes across the island be it sports and culture, health and social or education. We could build and update our facilities and help towards staffing costs while minimising cuts. The possibilities for the monies gained/saved are endless, this at a time of economic uncertainty throughout Great Britain and Europe I can think of no reason that should resonate higher with the government than that.

There are numerous people who suffer due to the failed war on drugs and the current prohibition of cannabis, people are punished with everything from jail time to fines which ultimately result in criminal records which can lead to a second class of citizen, unable to get help when most needed, the losing of employment and/or finding the gaining of employment extremely difficult and frustrating especially once named and shamed in the news and all for simply trying to improve a persons quality of life.

Regulate and educate, legalise and monetise, relax and tax!!!

Cannabis is a wellness medication with curative and palliative medical qualities, the APPG report which independently looked at over 20,000 clinical and scientific studies confirmed this FACT yet cannabis remains a schedule one drug meaning the government consider it to have no therapeutic value, no medicinal properties, a lie, utter reefer madness.

Please sign and share this petition, it's about time our government woke up to the 21st century. Free the flower.