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Devote an area of land for a private investor to build a legal drag strip.

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This petition was written to persuade the State of Rhode Island to set aside a slot of land to build a drag racing strip where legal drag-racing can occur. Currently, the State of Rhode has housed many accidents (sometimes fatal) of illegal street racers. These "Street Races" are dangerous, Illegal, and a nuisance to the citizen's of Rhode Island. It has ruined some roads, risks police officers of there life by hunting down these "street racers" and caused trouble to the areas where the participants loiter. The petition is to show the State of Rhode Island( along with the city council) that a legal drag-strip would benefit the community. Yes, there are some legal drag strips, but these kids who modify there cars wouldnt want to drive however many miles to race. Drag racing itself is very dangerous, but drag racing through neighborhoods and crowded streets may be fatal to the drivers, spectators, and passengers. By giving the community a safe place to drag-race legally, it would keep "street racers" off the streets of outlying communities where they risk the lives of others and themselves.

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