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Give Faith Good's Monk Parakeet, Gizmo, back to her.

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1. It was illegal search and seizure of her private property without a warrant.
2. She has had Gizmo for over 26 years, since before the law which outlawed ownership of Monk Parakeets went into effect, therefore it is grandfathered that she should be allowed to keep her pet.
3. The bird has never escaped into the wild, is very unlikely to, and therefore poses no threat to the environment.
4. Monk parakeets only live 20-30 years, this bird is already 26 years old and should be allowed to live out the remainder of it's life in the home that it has always known, and where he is loved and well cared for.
5. As it is only one bird, it cannot breed, therefore, even if he escaped somehow, it would not be a threat to the environment.
6. It is WRONG to take a beloved pet from it's owner, where it is well cared for. This causes pain to both Gizmo and Faith, for absolutely NO GOOD REASON.

Faith Good is currently suing the state of Pennsylvania to get Gizmo back.  Let's help her!!  Spread the word, and sign & share on FB!  This woman and her dearly loved bird deserve to be together!  This is a travesty.  With all of the bad things in the world, one little bird and his owner should not be singled out for torment by the state of Pensylvania.  Faith lives in Youngwood, PA.  Come on, let's help to right this wrong!

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