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Redefine the definition of beer. No longer put a cap on ABV.

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Currently, the cap in which beer can be sold in the Great State of Ohio is at 12% ABV. The people of the Great State of Ohio believes that this cap is completely arbitrary. It does not in anyway define a beer. According to the Bavarian Purity Law a beer is such that contains the following 4 ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast. The Bavarian Purity Law was a much more rational law than placing a cap on ABV. Today, brewers are using all kinds of creative ingredients to create amazing beer. Also, there are alot of brewers who want to brew and sell super high gravity beers in the state of Ohio. This cap on beer is stifling small businesses and hurting Ohio's economy.

Some people in the state are travelling to other states in order to attain beer that is currently not available in Ohio. These beer sales could be helping to stimulate our economy and helping small businesses in our state.

Please consider this proposal to help stimulate Ohio's economy.


For further information on the ABV law in Ohio please go to Jeremy Rupp's blog at:

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