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The State of Missouri, the city of La Russell, Missouri: Stop the abuse at New Beginnings Ministries run by Bill and Jennifer McNamara

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This couple, along with many others, have allegedly been abusing children for years. There are many accounts of abuse, which have been witnessed and suffered by children placed in their care, including myself. They have told numerous girls that death and illness in the child’s family was caused because the child is not right with their god. Causing enormous feelings of guilt and inadequacies in the child. This equates to nothing more then emotional and mental abuse of a child that believes and is influenced by the adults around them. They have beaten girls with curtain rods , have had other girls tackle and hold down girls to receive their "licks." They have humiliated many girls by publicly using them in sermons meant to intimidate and embarrass the girls. They have force fed girls beyond vomiting. They have denied healthcare needed by the girls in their care reportedly leaving girls to suffer with urinary track infections, bladder infections, female issues, broken bones, mental disorders. Girls who were on medication when they came to the home were reportedly taken off the medication and told their problems could be solved by the home, without permission for medical personal or even consulting with Dr.’s. according to some of the survivor stories . In some cases the girls have been locked in small walk in closets and forced to listen to religious music and preaching in an effort to "remove the demons" from a child. Extensive and extreme physical activity without sufficient bathroom breaks or water breaks are used to break the teens in their care. Often hours on end of squatting against the wall or standing on their toes with their nose against the wall with no breaks are punishments used for minor infractions such as not making a bed properly, or not completing a chore to their satisfaction, for talking at the wrong time, or looking at a boy. The punishments do NOT fit the infractions of the rules.

Children are denied private phone calls with their parent. They are denied any access to ask for help from the state, whether it be the local police or child protective services. Children are forbidden to tell their parents about what is going on in the home. Children are forbidden to talk about anything negative, or anything from their lives previous to their induction to the home. Even attempting to tell their parent what is going on is grounds for severe punishment.
Children are forced to worship God in the way the McNamara's see fit, they are not allowed to maintain the religion they may have learned through their own families. Children are often told that if their family worships different from the home that they are going to hell and will suffer eternal damnation.
The McNamaras tell parents that they will help their troubled teenager become model young adults. They reportedly offer counseling that is never provided. The McNamara's often make the girls "testify" in front of a church or congregation telling people that they were on drugs or horrible sinners and how the home saved them from their horrible lives. They make a good show for getting parents who are in desperate need for help for their teenage children. Some parents just don't want their children anymore. Not every child that walks through those doors are troubled, but many leave there bearing both emotional and sometimes physical scars of abuse.

The McNamara family has moved the home and children in their care from Texas, to Florida to North Carolina, to their current location in La Russel, Mo. While some girls claim the experience there was good for them, many more have been traumatized, have lived in fear, and have suffered for years after their exposure to the different homes run by the McNamaras over the years. Many girls suffer with PTSD, trust issues, nightmares, fear of the public, anxiety, depression, physical issues such as bladder infections from not being able to relieve themselves for many hours during the day, ibs from the constant stress, acid reflux or sensitive gag reflexes from the forced feedings, or being forced to drink Epson salt on a daily basis (this was more common in Milton, Florida where they were only dorm parents.) There have been a lot more suffering from the girls there, broken hearts, broken families, and broken girls.

The Mcnamaras came from the homes started by Lester Roloff I'm the 60's and were run by Wylie and Faye Cameron after Lester Roloff's death. The McNamaras have run or been the dorm parents of Charity Haven in Milton, Florida, Victory Acres in Alice, Texas, New Bethany Girls Academy, New Beginnings Girls Academy, and currently New Beginnings Ministries where they are now taking both teenage girls and boys.

Please take some time to research the survival stories of the girls who have suffered abuse at their hands. There are stories separated by several years, in different locations all run by the same people. The stories are getting worse. Then please sign this petition if you would like to help have them investigated for current abuse and shut down. Please be the voice for a child who doesn't have one. Thank you.

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