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THE STATE OF FLORIDA: MICHELLE'S LAW families right to petition court for visitation

Missing/Murdered Persons minor children living in a bonded, healthy, loving family the day the Missing Person Dissappears with the character of surviving parent being the only person named as the primary suspect, Laws need to be written allowing The family of the missing to petition the courts for visitation. Please look up MICHELLE PARKER MISSING PERSON ON GOOGLE. MISSING FROM ORLANDO NOVEMBER 17,2011. MISSING MOM OF 3. We do have a limited visitation agreement that can be revoked at any time by the other parent. We are lucky at this point in time, that we get to see them,however it would help anyone in similar circumstances and quite possibly set an example for other states to follow and change their laws. Family dynamics have changed. Grandparents are providing homes to many of their grown children as single parents in supportive roles. Please sign and forward to as many as you can. sincerely, Michelles Mom. The Florida House of Representatives will listen.

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