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Deny the Reappointment of Chief State Justice Chase Rogers

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“We the undersigned parents, business leaders, legal professionals, citizens, taxpayers, and voters of the State of Connecticut hereby petition and demand that Governor Malloy and our State Legislature deny the reappointment of Chief State Justice Chase Rogers as head of our state’s Judiciary. 

Chief State Justice Rogers has failed our state and its citizens, families and children by presiding over and encouraging the operation of a court system which is operationally dysfunctional and unnecessarily antiquated, costly, time consuming and unlawfully political. 

Chief Justice Rogers has violated the basic principal of the separation of the three branches government and allowed gross violations of basic and fundamental Constitutional, due process and civil rights. 

She has allowed rampant corruption to infect our state’s family, foreclosure and probate courts and not held judges who have violated judicial canons and the law accountable for their actions. 

She has stood by as a small group of well-connected attorneys have personally enriched themselves while blatantly and openly violating the Practice Book and the Professional Rules of Conduct for attorneys in this state and as these same individuals operate the Statewide Grievance Committee.  In effect, offering the public no meaningful avenue to have their complaints about attorneys or judges who act in an unprofessional or unethical manner properly reviewed and addressed in any manner. 

Chief Justice Rogers has looked the other way while thousands of citizens and parents have been unlawfully jailed and allowed her judges to operate as private debt collectors for the divorce and foreclosure industries. 

Chief Justice Rogers has created and allowed a situation where 85% of all parents in our broken family courts are Pro Se and without proper legal representation and over 11,000 family cases are returned to family court each year because of judges issuing faulty and ineffective orders.  This as parents and families are driven to bankruptcy and been forced to lose their jobs and their homes due to family cases that are unnecessarily allowed to drag on for months and even years by family court actors and “court appointed experts” who focus solely on enriching themselves while purposely not offering any meaningful resolution for children and families.  

Chief Justice Rogers has knowingly and willfully circumvented the provisions of CGS 51-14 in a manner which violates the laws of this state.  She has willfully engaged in a willful abridgement of her Oath of Office and refused to enforce Title 42, Section 1983 and the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act granting equal rights to parents with children with disabilities. 

In summary, Chief State Justice Rogers has not operated her courts in a manner that places the best interests of society and the public first, she has not pursued or enacted much needed reforms other states and their Chief Justices already have, and has repeatedly shown completely disregard and even distain for the best interests, opinions and input of the public and citizens of this state. 

For these reasons, we demand that she not be allowed to continue as our state’s Chief Justice.”



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