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Petitioning The State of California's foie gras ban

Reverse the ban on foie gras

California patrons are being deprived of their right to choose what they eat, and it has to stop now.

On July 1, 2012, the state passed a Senate Bill banning the production and sale of foie gras at all restaurants and eateries. Foie gras is a French dish, literally translated to “fatty liver”. This delicacy is found in many restaurants throughout the US and the world, and is a staple ingredient on many menus.

Foie gras has been outlawed in the state because of small, unopposed groups lobbying to make this dish illegal. These small groups claim that the process, in which foie gras is made, known as “gavage”, is unfair treatment of animals. During the gavage process, ducks are force fed, in order to be fatten up for consumption. These ducks have no gag reflex, and do not feel pain during this process. Many of these animals are living cage free and in more humane conditions than most of the worlds’ livestock and poultry.

These facts about the production of foie gras are not a solid argument for prohibition. The entire industry of foie gras is being shut down because of a few small groups, and their agenda. Its time the oppression of this industry is put to an end.

By giving a voice to this cause, we here at hope to bring this matter to the attention of the consumers and the legislators and get this ban reversed once and for all, and restore the privilege to choose what we eat for all Californians.

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