Change the Alabama State Flag to Mr Ratburn's Wedding

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The Alabama Public Television directors have refused to air the episode of Arthur "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone" where Mr Ratburn gets married. Apparently they are scared of gay cartoon aardvarks and want to make their prejudice official. Well I for one think that in this dark hopeless world of ours a cartoon rat and a cartoon aardvark getting married is goddamn beautiful, and furthermore, I think the current Alabama state flag (a red X on a white background) is as ugly as week-old ass. Instead of clenching our yellow-sweater-cuffed fists in silent fury, lets band together and solve this problem by replacing the Alabama state flag with a glorious image of Mr Ratburn's gay wedding, so that it may shine down on the Alabama statehouse forever as a reminder to look prejudice in the eye and say "hey what a wonderful kind of day"