Maryland Youth Robbed from their Right for Help & Counseling - SB1028

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This morning in my weekly high school group discussion I shared a very concerning bill that has been approved in the Maryland Senate, SB1028. This horrible bill robs our youth from their right for counseling and support if they face unwanted same gender attraction. I have wrote about this issue in California back in 2012 and expected it will find its way in Maryland. Here we are and it is reality. This bill is not only an invasion on the human rights of hundreds of thousands of Maryland teenagers, it is a additional blocker in family relations and support.

It is hard enough for parents today to seek mental health care for their teens due to the unreasonable laws imposed by the State that limits a parent's ability to seek court, law enforcement, medical community or youth worker support in dealing with drug abuse, sexual addiction or other types of mental illnesses. Today parents might have absolutely no say when it comes to counseling a minor who wants help, asks for help and is having challenges dealing with unwanted sexual attraction to the same gender.

This is a real struggle which is devastating to the person experiencing the feelings.

If this bill becomes law a youth can't walk up to their Rabbi, Pastor or Imam and ask for religious advice on how to deal with homosexual feelings. 

This bill infringes upon religious rights, privacy, confidentiality, and patient self-determination.

The State has no right to interfere in the recovery of young people from real struggles they face, nor does it have the right to impose a certain life-style on anyone.

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