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Apologize for using violence against women to sell products.

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The Standard Hotel and DuJour Media are using violence against women to market a product. As many women know first hand, violence against women is a serious issue, not advertising fodder. Join us in asking The Standard Hotels and DuJour Media to apologize and take steps to show they understand the issue.

UPDATE 8/29: We have rewritten the letter to focus on DuJour, as they have not yet responded. Please keep sharing this petition. See this post for further updates and information.

UPDATE 8/28: We've recieved a response from The Standard. Here are some thoughts and a request for input on next steps.

The image above is a crop from a full-page ad for The Standard Hotels in DuJour Magazine's summer issue. The ad contains no text: just a logo for the hotel and a caption identifiying the artist as Erwin Wurm. (Get more information or view the full-page ad). By using an image of a dead (or at the very least, unconscious) woman sprawled in an alley to advertise their hotel, The Standard is contributing to a culture of violence against women and trivializing something of vital importance: the experience of millions of women who are survivors of gender-based violence. 

Violence against women in the US is a “major public health concern” according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, and can result not only in physical injury or death, but for survivors it can mean lifelong psychological damage as well. Domestic or “intimate partner” violence affects 1.3 million women annually. Depending on the survey, one in four to one in six civilian women can expect to be raped in their lifetime. In the U.S. military, the likelihood rises to one in three.

Here are some additional facts about violence against women:

• Violence against women is a major public health concern, contributing to high levels of morbidity and mortality worldwide. (JAMA)

• Gender-based violence can result in physical illness, lifelong psychological disorders, substance abuse, and suicide. (CDC)

• One in four women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime. (CDC)

• Women are significantly more likely than men to be injured during an intimate partner assault (39 percent compared with 24.8 percent) (NIJ)

• Intimate partner homicides make up 40–50 percent of all murders of women in the United States. (NIJ)

We call on The Standard Hotels and DuJour Media to apologize for using violence against women to sell a product. We call on DuJour Media to review their advertising policy and make a commitment to take violence against women seriously.

Here are some specific things these companies should do to show they understand the issue:

1. Apologize: Women survivors of violence deserve an apology for your use of violence against women as a cheap marketing tactic.

2. Make a clear statement acknowledging the seriousness of the issue and a promise to do better by women in the future.

3. Make a donation to an organization that supports domestic violence or rape survivors.

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