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The Sri Lanka Veterinary Association (SLVA): Help to End Contract Vets Botchery now !

Way too often we are confronted with the results of sloppy irresponsible
surgeries conducted by Governmental Contract Veterinarians like on an
assembly line for the mere sake of the money they collect per surgery.

Only recently 5 pups were dumped in front of our gate –
none older than 3 weeks.

All of them were neutered!!

Kindly refer to –

This is an absolutely No Go for every responsible Veterinarian!

Not “only” will they suffer from an undeveloped Hormone System
for the rest of their lives and were much to young to be separated,
but - on top of it all - we highly doubt that they were even sedated
during this irresponsible surgery….
Without our devoted 24/7 intensive care all of them would have
been doomed to slow lingering deaths on the road.

Sadly it’s also very frequent to find female dogs, neutered in the
most sloppy ways.
Either they were just cut open and stitched up to produce the
“money making scar”,  or parts of the reproductive tract are left in.

Left in parts of the reproductive organs may lead to infections and
untreated these will cause a horrible death of the stray…
This botchery – better called butchery – driven by mere greed and
ignorance to the Veterinarians Ethics has to come to an end!

It’s Animal Abuse of the worst kind and spoils the work, efforts and
reputation of all faithful diligent Veterinarians and Animal Welfare
Groups that have spent years to improve the situation in Sri Lanka.

So we call to all in charge – Act now and end this national shame !

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  • The Sri Lanka Veterinary Association (SLVA)
    Dr. PG Anil Pushpakumara (The Sri Lanka Veterinary Association (SLVA))

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