Squishmallow lovers DEMAND that shelf clearing & reselling ends. This has to STOP NOW.

Squishmallow lovers DEMAND that shelf clearing & reselling ends. This has to STOP NOW.

August 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Stephanie Handy

Hi, My name is Stephanie. A little about me, I’m a 27 year old who just LOVES Squishmallows. I have been collecting since 2017 (I currently own 380 squishmallows!) and wouldn’t take a moment back nor do I take any of it for granted. 

The squishmallow community is so wonderful. I have met the most amazing, outstanding group of people who have forever changed my life and world for the better. I really don’t know what I would do without my family in the “Squishmallo-Holics” group. 

However, there is one problem that seems to cause a rift between us all in the community, that I think we really need to ask ourselves about. Why is there so much negativity within our community ? Why is everyone so upset.. why is everyone we know quitting? Doesn’t want to do it anymore? 

I have been putting together a Saga, which I call “Bringing us together as a whole: the squishmallow community”. In which I’ve created tips and tricks on shipping for sellers & traders alike, how to wash your squishmallows properly, and all that good stuff… and through all this research and talking to several piers in our community, there’s one issue, through tons of research and years of just listening to so many people’s struggles - there’s one thing that can’t seem to shake off everyone’s mind.


You know what this is, I know what this is.

Shelf clearing is the practice of taking all or almost all of a product that's on sale. Extreme couponers and other deal hunters sometimes swoop in and clear out the stock before other shoppers have a chance.”

“A reseller, in the context of market supply-demand theory, also refers to a person who buys large quantities of in-demand items, such as new electronics or event tickets, at regular price, hoping that the items sell out. The reseller then resells the items at a higher price.” In our case, htf / rare squishmallow.

Major verbs used in this community that are so dangerous. “Resellers” shelf clear and cause a drift and a bunch of fighting within our community. Collectors don’t have a chance to collect anything they’ve been waiting months on being released. People are being greedy and extremely selfish and stores don’t do anything about it. 

….everyone in this community knows what this is, and why it’s an issue. I’ve had people tell me they had to get stitches, due to being stomped over when trying to get the Strawberry Reshma that released a couple months ago. I have heard stories of people being shunned by their entire community where they live for offering to pick up for others. I have seen people get kicked from groups and harassed just for “shelf clearing…”

What I’m trying to get at here - is this community needs to come together and put our foots down. To end the violence over squishmallows, to end the bullying, the harassment. Kelleytoys, we need you to step in and make it mandatory that all merchants who sell Squishmallows - do TWO PER TYPE OF SQUISHMALLOW PER CUSTOMER. Two I believe is fair , because it gives whomever is picking up an opportunity to pick up for a friend or family member who may not be present, and it isn’t taking too much. It also leaves stock for others to have a chance and leaves out the chance of causing problems due to the shelves being cleared out because one person wanted to be “greedy” as some would say.

By signing this petition, you will help turn around the community and help us make a change. Help stop the bullying over too much being bought , people struggling to find squishmallows that are rare, and stop supporting resellers who are buying out all the squishmallows for profit leaving no chance for anyone else.

Thank you for your support - and if you have any questions or recommendations on how to help the cause of bringing our community together - I wanna hear it! 

Love y’all and thank you so much ❤️


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Signatures: 82Next Goal: 100
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