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All UK MP's should back our Brexit negotiations to the Hilt.

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This letter is an open letter to the speaker of the United Kingdom House of commons.

We the people of the United Kingdom call upon all Members of Parliament to support the current Prime Minister in her negotiations with the European Union during the process of leaving the European Union.

Whether we voted Leave or Remain is immaterial now.

We should recognise that, as a nation, not to succeed in achieving the objectives laid down by our Prime Minister we will be seen as being defeated, by the European Union. However you choose to wrap the word “defeated” up, we the United Kingdom will be seen and treated as of little significance. Not just by the European Union, but by the world. We will have lost what little respect we now have.

Worse still, we will be signalling to the European Union commissioners that they can defeat all opposition from within their borders, whether the European Union peoples like it, or not. What type of democracy would that be? It is not just the United Kingdom you will be affecting.

If we remain members of the European Union, then the question of what use our own parliament is will be asked. Why should we, people of the United Kingdom, not just deal directly with the European Union Parliament? Why bother to vote for MP’s, better to vote for MEP’s.

We can raise petitions with the European Union Parliament. One such petition might question the need for parliaments of states within the European Union.

Please, we the people of the United Kingdom, ask all of our members of parliament to back our Prime Minister, to the hilt.

If you ever felt needed, we need you now.

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