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Outlaw the torturous practice of inhumanly killing the Spanish Greyhound.

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These dogs are brutally murdered at the end of hunting season in Spain. Thousands of them are abandoned, many are hung from trees, thrown down wells, shot, poisoned. Hunters overbreed these dogs in atrocious conditions, feeding them moldy bread, and keeping them in dark, cold surroundings. Thus far, the Spanish government has turned a blind eye as to the plight of the Galgos - or Spanish Greyhound.

The Spanish Greyhound, is one of the most persecuted dog breeds. Galgos are used to hunt hares in the Spanish countryside. They spend their lives in damp, tiny, dirty holes or... windowless shacks deprived of daylight, exercise and affection. They are typically fed only water and stale bread. At the end of the hunting season, countless are abandoned or worse.

Spanish Galgo
Sadly, the Galgo’s native land still views it as a second-class animal and few Spaniards will own them as pets. They are bred carelessly and used for hunting by galgueros (Galgo handlers). At the end of the hunting season in Spain, the Galgos deemed worthless or too costly to maintain are destroyed in a variety of inhumane ways – including being hanged, dumped into abandoned wells, shot, and even burned to death.
The lucky ones are rescued by a handful of shelters in Spain, operated by dedicated individuals. Almost all of the resources to help the dogs come from outside of Spain, namely the U.S., U.K., Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland and Germany.
There are a handful of Spanish shelters dedicated to saving the Galgos and other unwanted animals of Spain. Although more and more galgueros are willing to give their unwanted dogs to the shelters, the abuse and torture of Galgos continues. Organizations like GRIN are dedicated to the welfare of the Spanish Galgo and sighthounds worldwide, and assist the Spanish shelters with adoption, veterinary care, and fundraising.

Take a look at these photos, and read more about how absolutely cruel they are to these animals - these poor souls need to be saved from these monsters. Here's the link to this website:

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