Put Han Seo Hee in jail

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Let me start at the beginning since some of you may not know all the things she did, there are a lot more things than just the most recent incident with Wonho. Since it is a lot I'll just address the biggest scandals. Please take your time to read it all after completing the petition!

In 2017, T.O.P was involved in a case related to narcotics use, and the name of former trainee Han Seo-hee was exposed as the one offering an electric cigarette that contained marijuana, to the idol. Han Seo-hee was proven to be using marijuana, but she denied the claim that she was the one who gave marijuana to T.O.P. Han Seo-hee and T.O.P were known to have been dating each other, which is why it was no surprise for them to know each other. According to her confession, from the beginning, T.O.P was the one who approached her first, and she claimed that he had an unusual attitude. Han Seo-hee was very annoyed with her ex-boyfriend because in this marijuana case she was the only one who was imprisoned.

Han Seo-hee is often in the public spotlight. At this time, she made a scene in her personal Instagram. In her live Instagram, she said that they (she and BTS’ V) had gone to the club in the past, she continued with her Instagram statement.nShe said that she met with BTS’ V at the club, revealing the fact that Seo-hee met at the club because ‘the figure called’ V was invited by a friend named, Kim Ki-bum, who is a male model. Even though Kim Ki-bum was friends with V he has never taken him to the club. He knows Han Seo-hee, but Kim Ki-bum has never communicated with her after she became famous through the internet. Because of that statement, Han Seo-hee apologized and what’s more, ARMY knows V well and they think that V would definitely choose a burger restaurant rather than a club.

On June 12, B.I, the leader and songwriter for popular seven-member boy group, officially departed from YG Entertainment hours following a local news report alleging he tried to purchase illegal drugs in 2016. As the allegations spiralled, B.I, whose real name is Kim Han-bin, formally announced his wish to leave the team in an Instagram post and stated that he’s “deeply sorry” for his past behaviour. Though he admitted to the drug purchase allegation, he denied taking drugs according to his statement. “It’s true that I had interest in something to rely on which I shouldn’t have at one point when I was having a hard time. But I was too scared and worried to follow through,” the singer wrote according to The Korea Herald’s translation. He has expressed his remorse to his fans and bandmates. The sudden announcements came after Korean media outlet Dispatch broke an exclusive story of the rapper-songwriter’s alleged LSD and marijuana purchases from April 2016 through messaging app, KakoaTalk. The screenshots showed conversations between B.I and an anonymous acquaintance, who is reported to be former YG trainee Han Seo Hee, during which the singer was inquiring on the hallucinogenic drug and wanting to use drugs to “become a genius”.
The media report came with a claim that the police detected signs of the alleged attempted purchase when Han was arrested and implicated that the 22-year-old used drugs before but didn’t go through with an investigation.

Now let's go over the most recent controversy involving Wonho and Jung Da Eun. 

Former reality star Jung Da Eun has revealed text messages from MONSTA X Wonho's lawyer after posting allegations about a debt on Instagram yesterday.

On October 29, Jung Da Eun claimed on Instagram that Wonho has yet to repay a debt, and MONSTA X's label Starship Entertainment denied the allegations. A day later, the former reality star has revealed the below exchange with Wonho's lawyer: (here a link to the conversation) https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/10/text-conversation-between-jung-da-eun-and-wonhos-lawyer

The drama between Jung Da Eun and MONSTA X's Wonho continues as Han Seo Hee jumps into the mix. The controversial figure took over Jung Da Eun's Twitter to accuse Wonho of past misdeeds in a series of tweets which read: "I know what you did in 2008. Suwon Detention Center on special charges^^" "I haven't even started. Doesn't being in a juvenile detention center make you a convict?" "You guys live your own lives now. This isn't Jung Da Eun but Han Seo Hee." The allegations are quite serious as one has to commit a serious crime to be booked on those types of special charges. 

With all the scandals and members leaving their groups because of Han Seo Hee I think it is time to speak up about this matter and do something about it. Let's try to make the world better and get this woman in jail again, but for longer now!