Lower the fuel taxes in South Africa!

Lower the fuel taxes in South Africa!

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Started by Christoff Gericke

South African fuel prices are rising drastically. In some places it is over R20 a litre! This has massive effects on the economy and everyone's life circumstances.

Yet South Africans are paying a shocking R6,11 in taxes for every litre of petrol or diesel bought!* This is completely unacceptable.

Given the South African economic and transport set up, we simply cannot afford to pay so much on fuel tax. It has a huge negative influence on the economy, joblessness, people's spending money and food prices.

There is no justification for the SA government to put South Africans in such a financial jail!

Loadshedding (a government cause) also makes people more reliant on fuel to keep their businesses going.

We South Africans simply do not understand why our fuel taxes are so high, especially, but not only, the Road Accident Fund contribution. Add the high levels of government corruption, and it makes SA's high fuel taxes even more unjustifiable.

Regardless of reasons for high fuel taxes, South Africa's high fuel taxes are having detrimental effects on the movement of people and goods, flow of money and people's spending abilities.

Our economy and our people simply cannot afford this!

Food prices will rise, people will have to choose between eating and filling up, companies will lay off people, economic opportunities will stagger, etc...

This petition asks that the South African government lowers the fuel taxes. Immediately. If the South African government cares about it's citizens, it would do so. Now.

If this has to be achieved through parliament, this petitions asks parliament to urgently address this important issue.

*Source: The Automobile Association of South Africa, Businesstech.co.za

480 have signed. Let’s get to 500!