Batlow to Tumut Rail Trail

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Rail Trail

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Why a Rail Trail? 
Simply, Batlow needs tourists and people spending money. Batlow will not survive into the future without an income source different from the current logging industry that was majorly destroyed in the Dunns Road Bushfire. Batlow looked to other communities that were struggling to see how we could grow. A Rail Trail was born. 

Its evident from the trails already throughout Victoria that Rail Trails are popular (look at Bright in VIC). They bring many cyclists, runners and walkers from a range of areas.

Our neighbors over the hills, Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail, in the first month of opening, during COVID-19 restrictions had over 2500 visitors. Three businesses sold out of food and one business, in 10 years of operating had taken more takings in the day then ever before. Its a no-brainer. 

The proposed Rail Trail runs on a state abandoned railway corridor, owned wholly by the government. This particular Rail Trail will run from Batlow to Tumut on the abandoned Railway Line that has not been used in more then 40 years.  

What we are asking:
For the Snowy Valleys Council to include the Batlow - Tumut Rail Trail project in the Dunns Road Recovery Plan and in the Snowy Valleys Council Advocacy plan as the lead item. Not hidden in the background or left out.