Support SKYTRAILS CAIRNS and put Cairns on the map for MTB in Australia!

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‘The SkyTrails Project’, is a master plan to establish the Far North Queensland as a global force in mountain biking, we want to build on what we have, as well as new and exciting facilities. This is a petition to the State Government, for this project to go ahead, from every Mountain Bike enthusiast in our region and our country, and anyone who believes in Tourism growth products in Far North Queensland.  

The World has changed in a fundamental way, nobody needs to be told that, everyone knows. Travel and Tourism have been heavily impacted by this pandemic and will take a long time to recover.

How we deal and adapt to that change is now paramount for the economic survival of the Far North as we know it. We need to think different. We need to think smarter and use what we have on our doorstep. 

Now is the opportunity for collaboration and innovation. Ideas that will put us on the map as still one of the best tourism hotspots in Australia. And for the short to medium future, domestic tourism will need to have a renewed focus.

Skytrails is our way of showing to the rest of Australia and the world, that we have everything that a mountain bike enthusiast needs. Mountain bike trails easily accessible; accommodation options nearby; and a variety of adventures on our doorstep. Our designs to enhance existing bike trails, expand into new areas and perhaps, if we’re lucky, be home to the ONLY Mountain Bike Gondola in Australia, is the type of project our region needs to keep growing and attracting new visitors, which in turn gives our local economy the boost it desperately needs.

We want to take on the likes of Queenstown in New Zealand and make Cairns the number #1 destination for MTB in Australia. Mountain Biking is a growing sport. Local Governments all over Australia are investing heavily in the sport as a destination to bring people in. You only have to look to Tasmania’s Blue Derby, Victoria’s Warburton region, and even the Cassowary Coast.

Our Jewel in the Crown is to see Skyrail become a mountain bike uplift facility, just like Skyline does for the Queenstown and Rotorua MTB community. Our plans include a ridgeline trail to link in the existing Smithfield Mountain Bike Park and the Kuranda Downhill Track, all from the top of Skyrail’s Red Peak halfway station. We have more family-friendly and learner trails for the less experienced in the mix too.

This project will provide jobs for locals, all-year-round business for Skyrail – already regarded as one of our region’s biggest attractions, stimulate the hospitality/accommodation sector, provide an opportunity for more local business, and offer more incentive for domestic and international tourists to choose Cairns as their No1 adventure destination. 

When the Lockdown Restrictions are lifted, Cairns will be in the prime position to market this new and unique opportunity to the rest of Australia. And give fellow Australians an option to travel, exercise, and explore our beautiful region.

Just thoughts,.......  It would be great to see something happen, and now is the time to do it!   

We are available for your feedback or to discuss future opportunities. This is very much a community-led project and your input is valuable. Please head to our website for more information about the project ( follow our Facebook page for updates (@SkyTrailsCairns) or email

Yours Sincerely 

The Skytrails crew