When will we have a HETEROSEXUAL PRIDE march?

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Make no mistake. There should be equal rights for all. No hate, no discrimination, no intimidation. "Live and let live" - as long as somebody else's beliefs aren't forced down your throat, as long as that somebody else's actions and behaviour don't encroach upon other people and unwelcomingly disturb their way of life. We can live equally, side by side, showing each other respect and acting with dignity. Old fashioned values maybe but they are the ones which work. Values which allow people to live together, harmoniously.

But in this country, and elsewhere in the world, in the 21st century, we seem to feel a burning and paramount need to be politically correct. Perhaps it is us attempting to assuage our guilt for past sins i.e. the denigration, humilation, intimidation, restriction, discrimination etc. of and against minority groups - not just LGBTQ but many others - women, jews, muslims, other religions, pakistanis, blacks, the homeless, the handicapped and so many others.

We are perpetual apologists. We don't have to be.

Why is LGBT a "special case"? It is just a sexual orientation.

Why must we indulge in and promote an enormously unequal focus on gay rights and live in a world of perpetual apology? We simply, all of us, straight or LGBT, need to be better than yesterday and live by the values aforementioned.

I am a heterosexual. Is that something I need to celebrate? I don't believe so. Do I force the fact down other people's throats? No, I don't. Should I be treated as a "special case"? I don't believe so. And if I shouldn't have to celebrate or be treated as a special case, both of which I see as inappropriate, then why does any other sexual orientation need to celebrate because that is all it is, a sexual orientation. And should I take over the centre of a City to celebrate? No.

Celebration should be of events - like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Celebration should be of individuals, groups, governments etc. who do great things, who change the world, who change history, who make the world a better place. I don't celebrate the fact that if I have sex, I choose to do so with a woman. I would be laughed at for celebrating and marching about that.

And even if I should celebrate then why do the left wing, politically correct, underdog loving "do-gooders" and "luvvies" in government and elsewhere not create, subsidise and promote a HETEROSEXUAL pride movement and march?

Is a LGBT march for anything other than self-glorification and publicity? If we can all treat others with respect, dignity and consideration then a pride march is unnecessary and becomes nothing more than a vehicle for self promotion. And will a march change any residual negative attitudes towards LGBT? Of course not. Will it achieve anything other than disruption? How could it? Might it well provoke antipathy? I think it does.

I am part of an ethnic community. I am jewish. Rather than just having their rights denied, 6 million of my ancestors were MURDERED. 6 million. Should that afford me special consideration? No. Should I march once a year for that or for being jewish? No. Should people learn from the horror? Of course they should. That's by way of education and awareness, not by way of a march. Should I lead a decent, considerate life, considerate of others? Yes. Should others do the same? Yes. And that is all that is required. 

How is there equality - which the Gay Rights Movement (rightly) seeks - in an exclusive focus on and promotion of one section of society? A focus on them.

But no, we have to continue to pander, placing LGBT in a god-like, unassailable position of "specialness". Why?

Moreover, why do sections of the LGBT community, who attend pride marches, feel the need to shock and disgust, the need to be lewd, the need to be exhibitionist, the need to cause disruption and nuisance and why does such behaviour appear to be condoned and not acted on by the authorities? It's because the authorities create a politically correct "exception" for a "special group" which doesn't apply to the rest of us. We continue to tolerate behaviour which sits at odds with the common values I suggest we should live by and no such behaviour is ever tolerated of heterosexual people. That's not LGBT equality, that's LGBT "special case". Why?

Should I ask a policeman not to arrest me when I'm drunk and half naked "because I am a heterosexual"? Why does such an exemption appear to apply to LGBT?

3 years ago, my wife and I went to Berlin, as tourists. There we were, minding our own business, wandering the central shopping streets of the City when we were suddenly and unexpectedly confronted with a gay pride march. But this was no peaceful march, no peaceful celebration. The roads and therefore our rightful passage were blocked. There was an endless line of open top party buses playing music at an ear splitting level. So loud that you couldn't even talk to each other inside the surrounding shops? Many of the participants were drunk, they were intimidating but worst of all, there were many who were half naked with their genitals on full display - in a major shopping area of a major City in front of men, women and young children. Why did they have this "right"? Would I parade in this way? Of course not.

I've seen silent protests where the protesters stand, hold banners and maintain complete silence. That is effective, dignified, stoical and poignant. It gets the point across in striking fashion. Why instead do LGBT pride marches have to descend into a ritual of noise, nuisance and vulgarity? What point does that make, other than those involved demeaning themselves and reducing their reputation to that of drunken revellers and football hooligans? 

Do I really, honestly want a heterosexual pride movement and march? Of course I don't but the point is made and it's about time we also stood up for OUR rights.