No Bail for Simon Mokoena

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Bonang Gaelae was a 29 yrs old young lady who still had a very long life and aspirations and ambitions in this life and lots of dreams to realise. 

Pity her life was cut short by Simon Mokoena (58) by stabbing both Bonang and her lover Manana Mohanoe. Pity Bonang did not survive the attack. This was a horrible and disgusting act of deep homophibic attack in this region. Manana may have survived the attack alive, but she is traumatized and emotionally scarred for life by the attack on herself and the attack on her partner. She also has a physical scar and either temporary or permanent immobility of her hand due to the knife wound she sustained during the attack which will also serve as a constant reminder of what happened to the both of them. 

Mr Mokoena, by his actions, he added to rising statistics of Femicides and homophobic murders that have become a serious problem not just in the region but also in this country. 

As the community, therefore demand that he not be given bail as a very harsh example need to be made of the men who commit such crimes in order to reducing the scourge of Femicides and homophobic attacks.

We therefore pray that the honourable court deny him bail considering the fact that he had shown intention to kill. He started this grudge and arguments weeks before. He had plenty of time to calm himself down and think clearly before he act. This was not an irrational and spare of the moment decision. Carrying not just one knife but two. They did not deserve what happened to them. 

#Justice for Bonang Gaelae and Manana Mohanoe