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The Senate: Enact an Anti-Bullying Law (Jamey's Law)

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Many are affected by bullying, and many have commited suicide from it, as well. In an effort to cut out bullying, we wish to create a law agaist it to make everyone think twice about their cruel actions.   Jamey Rodemeyer was a freshman at Williamsville North High School. He commited suicide after he was bullyed for being gay. Many people did not accept his "choice" to be gay. He was also Lady Gaga's number one fan and accepted that he was" Born This Way." His life should have never been taken for something that may have been prevented. Thank you Giselle Binette for providing an incite to this young boy's life! YOU'RE NOT TOO COOL TO STOP BULLYING!   Edited: 9/22/2011  Many young people face relentless bullying at school, a place where they should feel safe, even nurtured. But when a young person takes his own life because of it--as is happening far too frequently--it affects his family, his friends, his community and, in the case of Jamey Rodemeyer, perhaps the country. Jamey Rodemeyer was a freshman at Williamsville North High School in Erie County, Western New York. Some people  didn't accept his "choice." Students at school made hateful comments to him in person and online. He blogged about it, he made a video saying "It Gets Better." But it didn't get better enough: After years of vicious bullying for his sexuality, Jamey chose to take his own life on September 18. The news shocked and saddened both those who knew him and those who didn't, but in the past few days, it's done even more than that. Lady Gaga--Jamey's favorite for her stance on acceptance--has taken up his cause and vowed to get a criminal law passed against bullying. Ricky Martin has tweeted worldwide to get the movement going. And President Obama is holding an anti-bullying summit at the White House. And the Amherst police in Jamey's hometown are investigating criminal charges against the bullies. Still, we ask your help. If you believe that bullying should be a criminal offense, please sign this petition. May there never be another child who chooses to die at the hands of vicious peers. If only. Thank you Donna Hoke for editing this petition.

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