Censor Motion against Senator Lidia Thorpe

Censor Motion against Senator Lidia Thorpe

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For the integrity of members representing you.

On several occasions Senator Thorpe has demonstrated behaviour unfitting for an MP. Any single one of her actions are sufficient to have her held accountable.

Recently, she had made disgraceful comments to Senator Hughes, whereby she exclaimed in the civil place of parliament, “at least I keep my legs shut.” This was also exclaimed after disturbing another member discussing influential political matters concerning the NDIS. She shouted across parliament out of anger towards the death of two black women in custody and then made the comment against Hughes. Not only has she disturbed a political process, disrespected an area of concern from all parties, disrespected more than one Member of parliament and displayed shameful behaviour of bullying and sexism - especially as a woman who should support other female politicians at time of upheaval towards women’s treatment in parliament - but shows little concern for matters other than what she believes is of primary concern. Informally verbalising a significant racial issue is not only ironically displaying little respect for the women who died in custody but also cutting off another Senator at a time of political discussion shows little respect for the formalities of parliament.

This year Senator Thorpe displayed aggressive and entitled behaviour against an aboriginal elder and First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria co-chair, Aunty Geraldine Atkinson. The very people she allegedly supports. The very people she has reasons for displaying her ill-tempered behaviour.


In another scenario this year, NT Attorney-General Selena Uibo claimed that Senator Thorpe used “the Northern Territory as a punching bag” for her “own political point-scoring”. She also commented on Thorpe’s behaviour during her visit to the NT: “When you front a committee hearing in Borroloola, don’t play on your phone the whole time. People notice,” she said. Ms Uibo simply makes claims of actions that align with Thorpe’s pattern of behaviour. Again Thorpe displays a facade of support to indigenous people but judging by her reflective actions only cares for her political motives and personal agenda.


AGAIN THIS YEAR, BOTH Coalition and Labor MPs have accused Greens senator Lidia Thorpe of being disrespectful during a hearing into the Juukan Gorge disaster. Yet again she has disturbed a political process and has been condemned by both major parties that are frequently at disagreement.



Not responding to Senator Thorpe’s behaviour is a blatant display of double standards to targeting bullying and sexism in parliament. Senator Thorpe is representing the Australian people. If you believe the Australian people should be represented as contemptuous, ill-tempered, disrespectful, entitled bullies than by all means rest assured Senator Thorpe is doing a great job.

652 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!