Help save Mid Calder's field from development

Help save Mid Calder's field from development

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Lucy Joseph started this petition to The Scottish Parliament and

The Land East of New Calder, Mill Road, Mid Calder, West Lothian is in principle planning permission to get 6.91 Ha residential development.

This planning permission has already been objected by West Lothian Council. Mid Calder and Howden Community Councils and also many residents of Mid Calder objected to this hence Robertson's homes are appealing to the Scottish Ministers against refusal of the planning permission. The proposal is for residential development of up to around 155 homes along with associated landscaping, infrastructure, and engineering works. Your help is needed to halt this establishment in its tracks.

Our concerns for this development:

  • Vehicle speeding problems around the village already exist, and residents are concerned that adding more traffic will mean this will escalate.
  • Nearby health centres are full and residents at present are having issues getting appointments for their health concerns so gaining more residents will, again, cause more problems.
  • This land has never had buildings for residency and has always been a field.
  • This area of potential development has habitats for a variety of wildlife and animals such as deer, otters, bats, birds, ducks and additionally many insects, frogs, and smaller mammals. These protected otters have just recently returned to our river and have produced young. These animals will lose their homes, food, and breeding space if this development goes ahead.
  • Heritage - the field is a historic area due to its containment of the Old Drover's Road, St Mungo's Well and the Stepping Stones (over the River Almond). 


We already have witnessed how over-development has destroyed wildlife and greenspace in East Calder. Fields in neighbouring villages have lost animals' habitats, destroyed trees, and have departed animals due to lack of vegetation and have lost hedgerows. This is causing a massive strain on our infrastructure and with any introduction of anymore housing, we will be at breaking point.

Our villages of Mid Calder and East Calder are losing the countryside, fields and wildlife which make us beautiful villages to live in. We are getting closer to the cities due to gaining so many new residential developments. 

We want this petition to gain as much support as possible to subsequently get the attention of our local MSP - Angela Constance - as well as our Scottish prime minister - Nicola Sturgeon - to get this development stopped.

Please help to stop such development and save this beautiful, iconic spot next to the River Almond from being spoiled. Let the Scottish Government know how you feel by supporting this petition to reject this planning application again. 

If you wish to make further comments, you should do so by the 22nd of March. All correspondence should be addressed to The Scottish Government, Planning and Environmental Appeals Division, Ground Floor, Hadrian House, Callendar Business Park, Callendar Road, Falkirk, FK1 1XR, quoting the reference PPA-400-2136, or you can email to You can view the appeal documents online at the PEAD website using the reference PPA-400-2136.

About me:

I'm Lucy Joseph, a 15 year old teen who has always lived in Mid Calder. I am deeply concerned about the wildlife in my community, and I will do whatever I can to do something to help. I want to do my part to assist my fellow residents and the environment. I believe that people's opinions should always be taken seriously and considered. In my future I don't want nature to be disturbed exclusively by residential development and infrastructure, I want the environment and wildlife to be thriving.


Link to Edinburgh News article about the development


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!