Appeal to save Dumbarton Landmark

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Dumbuckhill is the large hill seen from the A82 when approaching Dumbarton from Glasgow, behind the Milton Inn pub. Most of the inside of the hill has been removed by quarrying over the last 60 years leaving a huge crater visible from West Renfrewshire across the Clyde. Now the quarry owner wants to remove the top and sides of the quarry! They have applied to remove an area 410 metres long by 19 metres high from the top of the hill! That is the equivalent of the height of four double decker buses stacked up (or roughly the height of a 6 storey building)! This will leave the people of Milton staring into the quarry and diggers at the top of the hill for all to see from the A82.

The quarry operator doesn’t have permission to work this area and there is plenty of life left in the quarry without doing it. West Dunbartonshire Council refused their initial planning application because of the harm it would do to the local community and environment but the operator has appealed the Council’s decision to the Scottish Government. They have produced an environmental impact assessment that claims there will be no negative impact from the work!
Our community's objections to the proposal are based around concerns for safety, increased noise and pollution, contravention of an existing tree preservation order, interference with wildlife, significant changes to the landscape and local amenity and the quality of life of the people living and working in Milton. We dispute the environmental report on several counts, including claims that there will be no significant adverse effect on our environment and negligible change to our air quality – significance is relative and what might be insignificant and negligible to commercial interests is, in this case, highly significant to the residents of Milton.
The landscape of Dumbarton and Milton has been ravaged by quarrying at Dumbuckhill and Sheephill quarries for over 60 years. We already have two massive craters where there were once beautiful hills. If this project goes ahead there will be more years of noise and misery for the local people and more permanent destruction of the local environment.
If you have any connection to the village of Milton, drive the A82 either for business or pleasure, make use of the Core Path adjacent to Dumbuckhill or even if your only interest is in preserving our beautiful Scottish landscape, please support our petition. We must do everything we can to sway the DPEA to support the community and its people over private commercial gain.


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